VANCOUVER, BC -- A new coalition of leaders has formed to challenge Kennedy Stewart and the incumbent City Council ahead of the 2022 civic election. The former elector association YES Vancouver has rebranded and will contest the 2022 elections as Progress Vancouver to bring change to City Hall. The party's inaugural members include former members of the Vancouver Green Party, Vision Vancouver, the Coalition of Progressive Electors, and the Non-Partisan Association, as well as many Vancouverites who are just getting involved in politics for the first time.

Scott de Lange Boom, a project manager and urbanist was elected as the inaugural President of Progress Vancouver. "Vancouver City Hall is stuck in neutral and in desperate need of leadership. For the past three years we've seen a Council without priorities led by a Mayor without a vision - nothing is getting done and something needs to change. Progress Vancouver is an exciting coalition of Vancouverites who want Vancouver to be a world class city that puts its people and families first. We need to build homes for Vancouverites, tackle our mental health and addictions issues, and expand sustainable transportation and transit. Vancouver is ready to choose Progress." Said de Lange Boom, "I invite all Vancouver residents who are ready for positive change to join us by visiting and signing up as a member."

Progress Vancouver believes that every Vancouverite deserves a home that they can afford to live in, a city that is fun, family friendly and full of opportunity for everyone who lives here and those who join us here, and that Vancouver can be a global leader in supporting people living with mental health issues and addictions. Progress Vancouver is a big tent that believes by embracing inclusion, diversity, and opportunity for all we can build a Vancouver where everyone has an opportunity to thrive. As Vancouver faces growing challenges around affordability, mobility, and livability for its residents, we know that we cannot afford the status-quo - Progress Vancouver will offer a diverse group of forward thinking leaders representing the diversity of our city with the determination to make a positive change for Mayor, Council, Park Board, and School Board. A forthcoming nomination process will be announced in early 2022.