As a candidate for Mayor of the City of Vancouver, Mark Marissen brings decades of experience as a leader in the city’s business, political and arts communities.

Mark is using that experience and proven leadership to bring together a coalition of people from across Vancouver who want to get things done in this city

As an advisor to political, business, and labour leaders, Mark has a strong track record of building broad coalitions to help deliver the best results for people.

As an entrepreneur, Mark has founded, owned and operated a number of companies in British Columbia over the past 25 years, including Burrard Strategy Inc.

Mark is also a senior advisor to McMillan Vantage, a public policy firm anchored in one of Canada's leading law firms.

Mark has worked on many issues throughout his career as a public affairs strategist over the years, including:

  • Delivering on major transit investments, including the Canada Line, the Millenium Line and the Evergreen Line
  • Helping the Vancouver International Airport to achieve rent equity with the Montreal and Toronto airports - saving up to one billion dollars over 40 years
  • Successfully waging a campaign for West Coast Express to reduce the CPR's track rates
  • Advocating for the grassroots arts community, successfully reversing planned cuts of up to 85% funding

Mark has a history of bringing diverse coalitions together to get positive results for Vancouver.

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