Vancouver needs to re-establish itself as British Columbia’s economic, social and cultural centre.  

We believe that to make progress on the city’s issues our policy must be guided by our shared Vancouver values of:

  • Inclusion and treating everyone with equal dignity
  • Opportunity and freedom to build a better life to reach one’s full potential.
  • A thriving city that welcomes newcomers and young families



The housing crisis is one of the greatest challenges facing Vancouver. Progress Vancouver is committed to building the homes Vancouverites need to address our profound housing shortage. 

We will reform outdated land use policies so that more affordable, family oriented housing can be built throughout the city, especially near transit stations and schools. We will build enough housing to meet the estimated need of 136,000 additional homes over the next decade.  We will also urgently address permitting delays.

A Progress Vancouver government will identify innovative funding models and work closely with other levels of government to secure urgent additional funding for affordable, non-market housing, and the housing required for people who are experiencing homelessness.



Progress Vancouver believes we must  improve our  city’s transit and cycling infrastructure, while making all of our neighbourhoods more walkable. 

Finishing the Broadway SkyTrain to UBC is a top priority for us. We will do what it takes to get shovels in the ground on phase 2 of the Broadway Line by the end of the first term.


Everyone deserves to feel safe in their community.

An adequately resourced and well trained police service is part of the solution. We must also free up the police to tackle serious crime, which means that we will work with the province to ensure there are stronger mental health supports, including non-police responses to people experiencing mental health challenges. We will also be making a strong focus on improving the state of our downtown. 



Downtown is the heart of our city. Its success is critical for the success of our entire city. A Progress Vancouver will:

  • Launch a Family- Friendly Downtown initiative, focused on the principle that a thriving downtown is a safer downtown.
  • Create a Commissioner of the Night-time Economy and Culture, elected by the stakeholders, who will be responsible for creating a thriving & safe nightlife elected by local businesses and residents.
  • One of the first tasks of the Commissioner is to make a stretch of downtown’s Granville Street an all weather-protected, well lit, pedestrian-friendly street.



Progress Vancouver believes suburban sprawl is a major threat to the climate and sustainability of our planet.. Because Vancouver has failed to build the homes that we need here in the city, the region has sprawled out further and further in search of affordability. Many Vancouver workers are driving in from the suburbs, stuck in their cars, polluting everyone’s air, forcing us to build longer and wider highways that all of us have to pay for, and challenging everyone’s quality of life. 

Progress Vancouver will reverse the trend of continued sprawl by building compact, walkable neighbourhoods here in the City of Vancouver and invest in cycling and transit infrastructure to help get people out of their cars and onto clean, sustainable transportation options.


A Progress Vancouver government will focus on our city’s core needs, and spend your tax dollars very carefully.

Progress will ensure tax dollars are going to deliver services not waste by conducting a core review of all programs and departments. After creating a 25% tax increase over four years while cutting spending, we need a core review of inefficiencies across all departments and agencies of the city. We will reinvest the money saved back into our communities.


Progress Vancouver knows that small businesses are the backbone of our city’s economy and community. We will support small businesses by:

  • Conducting a comprehensive review of the permitting system and regulations
  • Setting performance standards for the timely issuing of permits and hold city departments accountable for meeting the standards
  • Reducing redevelopment pressure on small businesses by focusing new housing off of arterial roads where businesses are located



Check back for our full platform, to be released this fall.