In the past days and weeks, gun and knife violence has taken the lives of several British Columbians – including one in Downtown Vancouver just last week.

In Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, knife crimes occur almost daily. I was shocked and saddened to learn of the commuter killed in a knife attack in Yaletown last week.

Vancouverites deserve concrete actions to address this senseless violence immediately.

I believe leadership means putting forward solutions, so that's what I'm going to do:

As Mayor of Vancouver, I will use the legislation tabled by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ban handguns; I will also ask our Provincial and Federal Governments to work with Municipalities to increase the charges for brandishing blades and other weapons in our public spaces.

Handguns and knives are deadly weapons that can be easily concealed and only be used for one thing: to harm or kill. There is no excuse for brandishing a gun or possessing a concealable firearm in public.

Vancouverites have had enough.

It's time for solutions, not more empty talk.

If you agree, sign my petition here.

Mark Marissen


Principal, @BurrardStrategy; Senior Advisor, @McMillanVantage. He/him