Asha Hayer will be joining Progress Vancouver's team of candidates for Vancouver City Council.

"I'm delighted to have Asha Hayer joining our growing team of candidates for Vancouver City Council," says Mark Marissen, Progress Vancouver's Mayoral Candidate.

Asha has started a successful small business and understands what it means to build something through hard work. A mother of two, she is actively involved in her community, and has been a strong supporter of Kid's Help Phone and other charitable causes.

Asha comes from a long line of community advocates. She is a sixth-generation Indo-Canadian, whose family participated in the establishment of the first Gurdwara in North America, built on 2nd Avenue in Vancouver.

Asha Hayer beside Progress Vancouver Mayoral Candidate Mark Marissen and fellow Council Candidates Mauro Francis, May He and Morgane Oger.

Asha hopes her candidacy will encourage other young women, and women of colour to enter politics. She believes Vancouver's government should reflect Vancouver's diversity. Another issue close to her heart is climate change, as she wants to ensure Vancouver is working on a functional climate strategy which will have a demonstrable, meaningful impact.

"I'm so excited to be joining Progress Vancouver's incredible team of candidates," says Asha. "Progress Vancouver is all about bringing left and right together to fix the problems faced by Vancouverites. Vancouver needs results and we have the ideas, and the team, to get it done."